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When you visit "The Perfect Dress" it is helpful to schedule an appointment for your bridal consultation. APPOINTMENTS ARE RESERVED FOR BRIDES ONLY.  It is not required that you have an appointment, however if there is another bridal party being helped, then you will have to wait. However with an appointment, you will be guaranteed a bridal consultant when you arrive.   Appointments are encouraged on any day of the week, but are strongly suggested on Saturdays and Sundays for brides and bridal parties to insure proper service.  Walk-ins are always welcomed, but will be served on a first come first served basis.  Thank you for your understanding.

Click here for our ofiicial Bridal Appointment form; use the form below for all other inquiries and or to register your visit to our website.  At "The Perfect Dress" we believe that the more we know about you the better we can serve you.  We look forward to helping make your special occasion truly special!

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